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We amplify people's healthcare & our partner's success through relentless dedication.

At BATIST Medical Deutschland, we recognise that health care management needs to be more than just selling products and offering solutions to fix the status quo.

We know that we need to be flexible as our consumers & customers are unique. And that's a challenge we absolutely embrace to take on every day by bringing the knowledge of being a manufacturer, service partner and solution provider together under one roof.
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What we DO


Strong consumer-oriented solutions to develop partnerhsips that build trust you can rely on. Everyday.
Our team always focus on putting themselves in the shoes of everybody outside of our office.

This starts by acknowledging the diverse experiences & perspectives of coworkers, clients & patients and developing solutions to live with a better qualify of life.
CARE In a nutshell
  • We determine the benefits to different client segments.
  • We tailor our products & services with input from patients, consumers & clients to meet specific needs of populations.
  • We evaluate and address our client's modifiable risks and optimize their health.
What we DO


A comprehensive range of wound care solutions geared towards individual needs and specific wound situations.
Wound care management has been one of our main pillars in our operations for 30 years.

Since then, we strive to bring best in healthcare products to the market, while bridging the gap between innovation, safety, comfort and efficiency.
Heal In a nutshell
  • Traditional & advanced Wound Care products build the foundation of our WC management.
  • The product features are designed to meet a wide range of demands: sterile or non-sterile, with and without X-ray contrast, different sizes & plies to cater to your needs.
What we DO


Triple packaging system for superior sterility safety & our protection equipment to keep you safe whenever you need it the most.
Current times have taught us very well. Protection lies in improving hygiene measures at scale, through reliable, high-performing products & solutions.

Our PPE, disinfectants & our hygiene portfolio reduces your overall risks & keeps you safe at any time.
Protect In a nutshell
  • Products suitable for laboratories, hospitals, industrial clients, professional cleaning & food contact.
  • Highly comfortable protection gear as masks, gowns, gloves, caps, covers & more.
What we DO


Creating multi-barrier systems in highly-sensitive surroundings to reduce risks, contamination and infections.
The prevention and control of infections in health services is an integral part of Batist Medical.

We know that not everything can be prevented, but offering innovative products & solutions that can be trusted on, and working closely with our stakeholders, ranging from a single patient to a whole clinic can make a huge difference.
Prevent In a nutshell
  • Reliable disinfection gels and liquids for hand, skin and body to fight of the most common pathogens & viruses.
  • Pump it up a notch with our professional disinfectants ranging from surface disinfection to patient wipes.
  • Whether you're looking for skin-friendly washing cloths, high level Chlorine wipes or (non-)alcoholic wipes, we've got you covered.
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