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Medical disinfectants made for everybdoy

Our products in disinfection and prevention cover the entire range of wipes, gels, sprays and dispensers and cover the whole route from your home to the operating room. Whether hand disinfection, surface cleaning, or patient care, BATIST Medical offers you the most suitable selection of superior disinfection products to combat epidemics, pandemics, and bacteria and viruses.


Our camera batteries are running on fumes, the editing team lives on caffeine & our copywriting department is finishing the last details.

We know that you'd love to see the pictures, and we are just as excited as you are!

But we just can't bore you with small pixelated images with dubious lighting & weird dimensions. Our goal is to provide fantastic products that look just as great on your screen in a digital form.

We don't ask for too much, just to hold on for a little bit longer with us. It will be worth the wait.


Your BATIST Medical Deutschland team.

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