INEOS & BATIST Medical Deutschland GmbH tie the knot

After two years of successful cooperation in the Polish market, INEOS and BATIST Medical Deutschland GmbH are now entering into a joint partnership in the German market.

As the world's largest manufacturer of high-purity ethanol, INEOS has built and commissioned a total of six plants in Germany, France, Great Britain and the USA within three months, each producing a total of 1 million disinfectant bottles. These are used in the healthcare sector, industry, but also in the sports and cultural sectors, in which INEOS is very actively involved in maintaining strong partnerships. In addition to opening up the Polish and Czech markets, however, there was a lack of professional representation in the portfolio in Germany.

With BATIST Medical Germany, we have gained a very experienced partner who not only supported us as a specialist in the formulation but also professionally promotes distribution in Europe with 30 years of experience as a manufacturer of medical disposables for hospitals, doctors and healthcare professionals.

Further long-standing regular partners include, for example, the Mercedes Benz Formula 1 team, AMG, Petronas, football clubs such as Nice and Tottenham Hotspur, a bicycle team and its own regatta in America’s Cup.

The entire product portfolio is now available in Germany, which is mainly managed by the disinfectant dispensers as the driving force. The special feature here: the dispensers are made in Switzerland. Imports from China and other countries have been rigorously avoided. Not because you question the quality, but because a clear supply chain has been laid with a focus on excellence that you can feel. Plus, you'll get the disinfectant with the usual outstanding formula of 75g ethanol made in Germany.

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